3 Defining Moments of Cory Sandhagen’s Fight Career

3 Defining Moments of Cory Sandhagen’s Fight Career

Cory Sandhagen has quickly become one of the most electrifying figures in MMA. His journey to the top tier of the UFC’s bantamweight division is no accident, but rather the result of unyielding commitment, tactical acumen, and tenacious spirit. Let’s deep dive and explore three bold chapters that showcase the defining moments of Cory Sandhagen’s stellar career.

1. The Ultimate Breakthrough: Winning Debut against Austin Arnett

Making his UFC debut on January 27th, 2018, Cory Sandhagen faced Austin Arnett in an encounter that introduced him to MMA fans worldwide. His performance was powerful and domineering – a masterful execution of speed and technique that saw him clinch the win in the second round via TKO.

Winning a UFC debut is always crucial. It sets the tone for a fighter’s journey in the organization and provides a crucial momentum boost. For Sandhagen, this victory was the first key step in solidifying his presence as a ferocious contender in the bantamweight division.

2. Stepping Up a Gear: The Win Over John Lineker

If anyone was in doubt of Sandhagen’s capacity to compete with the big guns, his win over seasoned veteran John Lineker on April 27, 2019, more than settled the question. Sandhagen’s fight IQ was on full display as he meticulously picked apart the heavy-handed Lineker over three rounds to secure a split decision victory. The win not only solidified Sandhagen’s position but also earned him the respect of the division’s elite.

“I’m a major player in this game now,” Sandhagen said in the post-fight interview, and his total dominance proved it to be so.

3. The Pinnacle: The Spectacular Finish Over Marlon Moraes

Often, a moment arrives that stamps a fighter’s claim to be the division’s rightful champion. For Cory Sandhagen, that moment arrived when he faced Marlon Moraes on October 11, 2020.

The fight was ruthless and exciting, a testament to Sandhagen’s technical precision and knockout power. The spectacular spinning wheel kick in the second round that led to a TKO victory established Sandhagen as a legitimate title contender. It was a display of creativity, adaptability, and audacity that signaled Sandhagen’s readiness for a championship bout.

Sandhagen’s ability to dismantle Moraes, a solid title contender himself, sent a loud message to the rest of the division: The Sandman is here to rule.


Cory Sandhagen’s rise is not the result of luck or randomness. It has been carved out through consistent brilliance, unwavering determination, and an indomitable spirit to be the best. Each of these defining moments encapsulates a significant part of his journey – success derived from resilience, technical mastery, and an all-consuming desire for gold.

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