Best Boxing Headgear Of 2023

Best Boxing Headgear Of 2023

Sparring is really fun, and many new boxers are looking for the best boxing headgear. We’ve looked at Amazon stats and listed the best boxing headgear of 2023.

Read the full list below to see the best boxing headgear of the year with Amazon links provided. Be sure to also read through our buyer’s guide before you decide to buy your boxing headgear.

Types of Boxing Headgear

Before you look for the best boxing headgear, you have to know the types of headgear.  There are 3-4 different types of boxing headgear, which have their positive and negative qualities.

  • Traditional Boxing Headgear
  • Open Boxing Headgear
  • Boxing Headgear w/ Bar
  • New Hybrid Boxing Headgear

Traditional Boxing Headgear 

Traditional-style boxing headgear is the classic design with cheek padding and chin straps. The padding goes around your head and leaves a narrow slit for you see to see out of. This is the most used design style of boxing headgear used by every boxing gear designer.

Open Headgear 

Open-style boxing headgear is the style of headgear with no cheek protectors. Your face is open with padding around the outer part of your head and ears. This style of headgear should only be worn by seasoned boxers.

Headgear w/ Bar 

Another style of boxing headgear is a design with a horizontal bar across the face. It sticks out slightly further than your face to protect your nose from strikes. It works, but be aware that the bar is in front of your face and is easy for opponents to hit.

New Hybrid Boxing Headgear

Some boxing gear companies make hybrid styles of boxing headgear. They make anything from headgear with built-in plastic panels to mesh fronts. We don’t know if these types are good or work, so we left them off the list.

What to Look For in the Best Boxing Headgear

The best boxing headgear in the world share many of the same characteristics. Here’s what to look for in the best boxing headgear.

Safety & Protection 

The primary purpose of boxing headgear is safety and protection. They are designed to protect you from punches, absorb the blows, and prevent cuts. Look for headgear that provides ample padding around the vital parts of your head.

Material & Construction 

Choose the best boxing headgear that is built with high-grade material and well-constructed. Check if the padding and stitching are top-notch before purchasing your headgear.


The thing that everyone hates about headgear is the effect on your vision. Always pick one that you can see clearly out of and minimally inhibits your vision.


Pick a good boxing headgear that has a good fit and is adjustable.


Boxing headgear can get hot, so you must choose one with good ventilation. The best boxing headgear keeps your head cool and lessens the moisture while sparring.


Another reason why people hate headgear is that many don’t provide very good stability and move when hit. The best boxing headgear does not move when struck.  

Good Closing System 

Check whether the chinstrap is good and will stay on during intense sparring sessions.

Type of Headgear

Remember, the best boing headgear depends on your preference, so choose the type of headgear that meets your needs.


Weight is an important detail to look into when choosing the best boxing headgear. You want a lightweight headgear that won’t weigh down your head and potentially cause an injury.

Brand Reputation

You often see the same headgear brands constantly in the most sold list, and there’s a reason for it. Top brands built their brand reputation by making the best boxing headgear, which is why people buy it.

The Best Boxing Headgear of 2023

Winning Headgear Fg5000 Boxing Headgear

  • Highest-End Headgear
  • Made For Pros
  • The Best Materials
  • 2 Size Options
  • 3 Color Options

First up on the best boxing headgear of 2023, we have the Winning Headgear Fg5000 Boxing Headgear. The highly respected Japanese company Winning created the highest-end boxing headgear on our list.

This headgear is made for the pros with the highest-end materials available. You will never find better materials on the market than what Winning used with this stellar product.

Once you put on this headgear, you’re fully protected, with clear vision, and doesn’t move when hit. You can currently get this great headgear in 2 sizes and three colors.

Cleto Reyes Traditional Boxing Headgear

  • Best Rated Headgear
  • Faceguard Style
  • Leather
  • One Size Fits All
  • 8 Color Options

Cleto Reyes is one of the top boing gear designers and makes some of the best boxing headgear. This includes their patented Cleto Reyes Traditional Boxing Headgear.

The company used a faceguard style with a horizontal bar going across the nose and made it with 100% leather.  It also includes one of the best closing/strap systems, which makes this headgear one size fits all. 

The classic headgear from Cleto Reyes is one of the highest-rated headgear you’ll find online. You can currently get this one-size-fits-all protector in 8 different color options.

Rival Boxing RHG100 Professional Headgear

  • Traditional Style
  • Handcrafted
  • IPU Microfiber
  • 4 Size Options
  • 5 Color Options

Rival is known for making some quality higher-end boxing gear, which are among the best in the industry. One of their best boxing headgear lines is the Rival Boxing RHG100 Professional Headgear.

This is a traditional style of headgear that is handcrafted with top-grade IPU microfiber. Double stitched to ensure durability and moisture-wicking properties to keep your head dry while training.

Both pros and hobbyists have praised this great headgear from Rival. Right now, you can currently get this higher-end headgear in 4 sizes and 5 colors.

Rival Guerrero Facesaver Headgear

Rival Guerrero Facesaver Headgear

  • Faceguard Style
  • Microfiber Material
  • Lite Foam Construction
  • 4 Size Options
  • 5 Color Options

Rival also makes a faceguard style of headgear with their Rival Guerrero Facesaver Headgear. This headgear is made from the same quality materials as the RHG100.

The company made this faceguard style extra lightweight and designed the bar closer to your face. You’ll have full vision while you’re sparring and not worry about blocking punches to the bar.

On top of being lightweight, this headgear was also made of microfiber material and lite foam with quick-drying properties. You can get this headgear from Rival in 4 sizes and 5 colors.

Fighting Sports Contact Headgear

Fighting Sports Contact Headgear

  • Faceguard Style
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Trio Sponge & Foam Mixture
  • One Size Fits All
  • 2 Color Options

Fighting Sports is a well-known combat sports gear designer who is trusted by the pros. Their Fighting Sports Contact Headgear is one of the most well-made faceguard-style protectors on our best boxing headgear list.

It’s a unique faceguard style of headgear with the bar placed a little lower and more shallow. Positioning the bar a little lower gives you more complete vision while you’re sparring.

The headgear is made of full-grain leather and includes an impact-dispersing trio sponge and foam mixture. It also includes a rat closing system that makes this headgear one size fits all and available in 2 colors.

Fighting Sports Competition Headgear

  • Traditional Style
  • Leather
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Black

Fighting Sports also makes one of the best competition-style headgears with their Fighting Sports Competition Headgear. This competition-style headgear from Fighting Sports is permitted in almost every amateur boxing federation.

All competition headgear from Fighting Sports is handmade with 100% leather and is full adjustable. Fighting Sports only made this fully adjustable protector in black to keep within the guidelines of amateur boxing rules.

If you’re an amateur boxer, you will be hard-pressed to find better competition-style headgear than this one.

Elite Sports Celestial Head Guard

Elite Sports Celestial Head Guard

  • Amazon’s Choice Product
  • Best Affordable Headgear
  • Adjustable
  • One Size Fits All
  • 3 Color Options

If you’re on a budget, you can still get one of the best boxing headgear from Elite Sports. Their Elite Sports Celestial Head Guard is affordable but has the qualities of a more high-end headgear.

This fully adjustable, lightweight headgear fits just right and won’t move during sparring rounds. Elite Sports made a durable and affordable line of boxing headgear that will do the job. It’s also a one-size-fits-all boxing headgear that is available in 3 colors.

Venum Challenger Headgear

Venum Challenger Headgear

  • Traditional Style 
  • Napa Leather
  • Lightweight
  • One Size Fits All
  • One Color Design

Of course, Venum would appear on the best boxing headgear list with the Venum Challenger Headgear. Part of their Challenger collection includes MMA gloves, boxing gloves, and shin guards that include many of the same materials.

Venum designed their Challenger headgear with their patented napa leather, which is both lightweight and durable. Each headgear is hand-made and includes reinforced stitching to ensure it lasts for years.

This headgear is a fully adjustable one-size-fits-all headgear in the Challenger color design.

Fairtex Headgear

  • Traditional Style
  • Handmade In Thailand
  • Multi-Layer Padding
  • 3 Size Options
  • 6 Color Options

Fairtex is known for making the best Muay Thai gear in the world. They also make one of the best boxing headgear lines with their classic Fairtex Headgear.

This protector is a traditional headgear style handmade in Thailand from the best leather in the world. Each headgear is made with multi-layer foam padding to protect your head.

Fairtex is known for making quality; you can’t go wrong with this headgear. You can currently get this boxing headgear from Fairtex in 3 sizes and 6 colors.

Title Boxing Leather Sparring Headgear

  • Traditional Style
  • Leather
  • Advanced Form Fitting
  • 2 Size Options 
  • 4 Color Options

No list of the best boxing headgear is complete without an addition from Title Boxing. They’re known for making quality boxing gear, including their Title Boxing Leather Sparring Gear.

This traditional style headgear is the highest-end boxing headgear that Title Boxing makes. Handmade with 100% leather and advanced form-fitting technology to ensure the perfect fit.

There’s a reason why this is one of the most used headgear by top pros and amateurs, and that’s because of its quality. You can currently get this sparring headgear in 2 sizes and 4 colors.

Contender Fight Sports Competition Headgear Without Cheeks

Contender Fight Sports Competition Headgear Without Cheeks

  • Without Cheek Pads
  • Leather
  • Impact Dispersing Padding
  • 4 Size Options
  • 3 Color Options

The last entry into the best boxing headgear of 2023 may be the best on the list. Contender Fight Sports knocked it out of the part with their Contender Fight Sports Competition Headgear Without Cheeks.

This open-face boxing headgear style gives you full vision while sparring. The outer layer of the headgear is layered in high-end impact-dispersing padding with a full leather cover to ensure durability. You can currently get this headgear in 4 sizes and 3 colors.

One Thing To Remember Before Buying Boxing Headgear

When selecting the best boxing headgear, consider your specific needs, such as your training type or for a competition. Choose the headgear that meets your needs and lasts a long time. Also,, take care of your headgear to ensure it will be used for years.

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