Boxing Dummy: Best Of 2023

Boxing Dummy: Best Of 2023

A boxing dummy is a great piece of training equipment. They can improve your boxing skills in various ways.

Here is what you need to know about a boxing dummy. Read below to learn about these pieces of training equipment and where you can purchase one.

What is a Boxing Dummy?

A boxing dummy is a piece of equipment used for striking in combat sports, like boxing and MMA. It’s a mold of the top of a human body that striking practitioners use to practice their strikes

It gives you a feel of what it feels like when you hit a person. A boxing dummy can improve your striking skills in various facets.

Types of Boxing Dummies 

When looking to purchase a boxing dummy, remember there are three different types

  • Water Based 
  • Wall Mount
  • Chained 
  • Updated

The original boxing dummy has a hard plastic base you fill with water. Then you also have a wall-mounted version and updated versions include sandbags to weigh down.

Some boxing trainers will also alter their boxing dummy. Many trainers chain their dummies like their heavy bags.

The Benefit of Using a Boxing Dummy

There are numerous benefits to using a boxing dummy in training. This piece of training equipment can improve your skills in various facets.

The biggest benefit is probably the improved precision of yourstrikes. A boxing dummy allows you to see your punching targets and practice setting up your combos.

When you don’t have a trainer partner, this is the next best thing. After spending hours drilling on a boxing dummy, your striking will be noticeably sharper and more precise.

Dos and Don’ts of Using a Boxing Dummy 

Before you use a boxing dummy for training, there are certain rules for using one. Remember these tips below.

Hit the front of the Boxing Dummy 

A boxing dummy is designed to be hit from the front. All of the padding is located in the places where it’s legal to strike.

Remember to never hit the base and back or you’ll injure yourself.

Technique Over Power

A boxing dummy is designed for you to practice technique and not power. When you use one, remember to use precise technique and not power shots.

Don’t Hit the Boxing Dummy’s Back

This was already mentioned in the first tip, but it’s worth mentioning again. The back of a boxing dummy consists of hard plastic and bolts that will damage your hand if punched. Never hit the back of a boxing dummy.

Turn Boxing Dummy Clockwise

When moving a boxing dummy, you need to move it clockwise. Moving it counterclockwise will loosen the dummy and gradually break the base if forced this direction.

The Best Boxing Dummies on Amazon 

Century BOB Body Bag

  • Original Boxing Dummy
  • Quality
  • Durable 
  • Vinyl
  • Water Base

Century changed striking when they made the Century BOB Body Bag Boxing Dummy. It is the original boxing dummy, which was perfected on Century’s first edition model.

They made their boxing dummy out of high-grade foam and wrapped it in durable vinyl. Molding it into a perfect human upper body that exposes different striking targets.

After you fill the base of the BOB with water, your boxing dummy is ready to use. It’s a great piece of boxing equipment that will improve your game in multiple facets.

Century BOB XL Body Bag

Century BOB XL Body Bag

  • Bigger Version
  • Quality
  • Durable 
  • Vinyl
  • Water Base

One of the only complaints that Century received about their boxing dummy was that power punchers always knocked it down. Century heard their customers and created the Century BOB XL Body Bag.

This boxing dummy is an updated version of Century’s original model that’s made for power punchers. It’s made of the same top quality materials in a bigger size. 

If you’re a heavy puncher that needs a heavier boxing dummy, this one’s for you.

Century BOB Boxing Dummy Jacket

Century BOB Boxing Dummy Jacket

  • Vinyl Jacket
  • Extended Arms
  • Improve Offense & Defense

Another complaint that Century had about their BOB boxing dummy is that it doesn’t have arms. This led Century to create the Century BOB Boxing Dummy Jacket.

It’s a vinyl Jacket with extending limbs that goes on your boxing dummy. The extended arms mimic the guards of an opponent.

Boxers can practice their striking and defense simultaneously with this piece of equipment. While training they can simulate slipping and ducking to set up their combos.

Boxing Honey Badger Boxing Dummy Wall Mount

Boxing Honey Badger Boxing Dummy Wall Mount

  • Wall-mounted Dummy
  • VInyl
  • 180° Movement 

Another company called Honey Badgers made their own wall-mounted boxing dummy. They call it the Boxing Honey Badger Boxing Dummy Wall Mount.

It’s made of the same quality materials that Century uses for their boxing dummies. The positive of a wall-mounted boxing dummy is that you can practice strikes in 180°. 

Just like in sparring, but taking away the danger of accidentally hitting the boxing dummy’s base. It’s a great choice if you prefer a wall mounted striking dummy.

UFC Body Action System (BAS)

UFC Body Action System

  • High-End
  • Multiple Targets
  • Punches & Kicks
  • 2 Sizes

A few years ago, the UFC got together with some engineers to make a high-tech piece of training equipment. What they made was an updated version of a boxing dummy called the UFC Body Action System(BAS).

This high-tech piece of training gives you six different striking targets on multiple parts of the human body. Giving you targets for both punching and kicking.

Using this boxing dummy can improve your skills, while providing a great workout.

Should I Use a Boxing Dummy

A boxing dummy will improve your boxing and striking skills in various ways. You should strongly consider purchasing one or use it if it is available at your gym. In just a short time, you’ll notice your striking improve.

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