Boxing Jump Rope: A Complete Guide

Boxing Jump Rope: A Complete Guide

Boxing jump rope is one of the best workouts you can do to improve your conditioning for boxing. It has long been one of the most used pieces of boxer exercise equipment because it works.

Here is our complete guide for boxing jump rope. Read below to learn tips for improving your jump rope skills for boxing and details for performing different rope skipping drills. 

What is Jump Roping?

Jump roping or skipping rope is a cardiovascular exercise used with a long rope. Users perform jump roping by continually jumping over a rope for an extended period of time.

Skipping rope gained wide popularity through its use within the sport of boxing. For decades, boxers have used boxing jump rope within their conditioning routines.

Early boxers realized skipping rope was vital to their training because it was a complete workout. Boxing jump rope simultaneously improved their cardio, endurance, coordination, and balance quickly.

This enabled jump roping to be a staple of boxing training. Anyone learning a combat sport, like boxing, must learn how to jump rope to improve their skills and conditioning.

What are the Benefits of Performing Boxing Jump Rope?

There are numerous benefits to performing boxing jump rope drills. Here are some of the benefits of consistently skipping rope.

Improves Cardio 

Jumping rope is a great way to improve your cardio in a short time frame.10-15 minutes of skipping rope is equal to running a mile.

Improves Balance & Coordination 

Consistently jumping rope will noticeably improve your balance coordination. This can be critical for anyone 50 or older to avoid accidental falls due to weak balance or coordination.

Full Body Workout 

Not only does boxing jump rope improve your cardio, but it’s also a full body workout. Every major muscle groups are worked during a round of jump rope. 

Boxers like Terrence and Crawford have their shredded forms thanks to the rounds of skipping rope they perform.

Can Help Improve Boxing Skills

Boxing trainers stress the importance of jumping rope, because not only does it improve your conditioning, buy your boxing skills. The movement of skipping rope is similar to the rhythm of your movement  when practicing boxing techniques.

You learn to be quick and light on your feet by keeping that constant moving, which can translate to your boxing game.

No Large Space Needed

Another great thing about boxing jump rope is that you don’t need much space to perform drills. If you have a high ceiling and a few meters of open space, you can skip rope and get a great workout.

Tips For Performing Boxing Jump Rope Drills

Boxing Jump Rope 10 Downing Street

Learning to skip rope takes time and effort. Here are some tips to remember when performing boxing jump rope drills. 


It’s coming for people just learning how to perform boxing jump rope to hold their breathe. Always remember to keep a good breathing pattern. 1-3 breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Heels Up

When skipping rope, always keep your heels up with your weight at the center of your feet. Keeping your heels up makes it easier to keep jumping at a steady rhythm.

Small Jumps

You never want to jump too high when jumping rope because you can’t keep it up for long. Instead, keep your jumps small and keep them between 1-2 inches(2- 5 cm).

Start Slow

Always start slow when first learning how to jump rope. You can gradually increase your speed once you get the timing down slowly.

Keep Rhythm

Getting proficient at boxing jump rope is all about finding your rhythm. Once you’re able to keep a good rhythm, you can skip rope for longer periods of time.

Proper footwear is essential when skipping rope. Choose shoes with comfortable insoles that won’t cause blisters to form on your feet.

Accept You Will Mess Up

Nobody perfects boxing jump rope on their first try. It takes hours of practice to find your rhythm and be able to execute more complicated rope-skipping techniques. Accept that you’re going to mess up and keep practicing.

Boxing Jump Rope Drills 

There’s a variety of different boxing jump rope drills that you can perform in training. Here are six of the most used.

Basic Jump

The basic jump is the first drill you learn when you first learn how to skip rope. Both of your feet jump simultaneously over the rope. Start slow, and then add speed as your timing improves.

Boxer’s Skip

The boxer’s skip imitates a boxer’s movement in a real fight, where they move back and forth on each foot. To execute the boxer’s skip, begin jumping and bouncing each foot back and forth. Do the same bouncing movement as you would shadowboxing or sparring.

High Knees 

The next level up of boxing jump rope drills are high knees. As you’re skipping rope, one knee raises to your chest and you bring the other knee up on the next jump.

To help you learn how to do high knees, start with one knee up as you jump and switch knees on each jump. Once you get the rhythm, you can increase the speed.

Double Unders 

Double unders are one of the most difficult boxing jump rope drills. Instead of one jump, you try to hit two rotations of the rope before your feet touch the floor.

It takes a lot of practice to hit a double unders, so build up your basic rope skipping skills.

Cross Overs 

Cross overs is a jump rope drill where your hands cross mid-jump. Along with double unders, they are among the highest difficulty of jump roping drills.

Blend Them All Together

If you’re experienced at boxing jump rope, you can create your own drills. During your jump roping drills, you can switch between any of these options and break a good sweat.

Ways to Integrate Boxing Jump Rope Into Your Training

Warm Up 

Traditionally, boxing jump rope has been used as a warm-up within boxing and combat sports training. Fighters often combine rounds of skipping rope and shadowboxing during their warm-ups.

Interval/Circuit Training 

Skipping rope is popularly used within interval and circuit training. Fighters and athletes love mixing in rounds of jump rope in between rounds of lifting or pads to improve their conditioning.

If you’ve ever participated in CrossFit, you are very aware of jump rope being used within these types of workouts.

Standalone Workout 

Boxing jump rope is so effective that it can stand alone as a standalone workout. In just 10-15 minutes of skipping rope, you get a full-body workout and can burn calories.

Cool Down Workout

Skipping rope can even be used as a cool down. Jumping rope after a hard boxing session can stretch and relax your muscles, while burning extra calories.

Best Boxing Jump Rope Available Online 

There are many high-quality boxing jump ropes currently available on Amazon. Here are five of the best boxing jump ropes with links provided below.

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How to Improve at Boxing Jump Rope?

The only way to improve at boxing jump rope is through consistent practice. Stick with it and follow the tips above. You may not jump rope like Mike Tyson, but you’ll still get pretty good at it and get a great workout.

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