Boxing Resistance Bands: What To Know & Where To Buy

Boxing Resistance Bands: What To Know & Where To Buy

Boxing resistance bands are one of the best pieces of exercise equipment that you should be using. Training with bands will not only improve your technique but also your conditioning.

Here is a complete guide to boxing resistance bands. Read below to see the benefits of using these bands, how to use them, and recommendations for the best ones.

What Are Boxing Resistance Bands 

Boxing resistance bands are physical training equipment that were adapted to boxing training.  They are designed to improve the speed and strength of your punches while also improving your technique.

Everyone, from pros to hobbyists, can benefit from using boxing resistance bands. 

The Benefits of Boxing Resistance Bands

There are numerous benefits to using boxing bands in your training. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Technique
  • Portability
  • Multiple Resistance Levels
  • Injury Prevention/Rehab
  • Cost Effective

Improve Strength

Using resistance bands in boxing training can possibly improve both your strength and punch power. By doing your normal boxing movements with bands, they target the muscles used in punching.

Improve Speed 

While boxing bands can improve your strength, they can simultaneously improve your speed. If you spend the time during rounds of shadowboxing with bands and then go free, you’ll notice a speed difference.


Boxing resistance bands are arguably one of the most versatile pieces of equipment a boxer could use. You’re doing the same movements as you usually would in boxing, but with a bit of resistance.


Another benefit of using bands in boxing training is that they can improve your technique. Using bands forces you to stay tight throughout the entire movement when you throw punches. Correcting your form to stay tight throughout the motion of your punching.


Resistance bands take up little to no space and weigh next to nothing. This allows you to get a good workout in, even if you have limited space.

Multiple Resistance Levels

Higher-end boxing bands provide you with the benefit of having different resistance levels. You can alter the resistance level of your band depending if you want to improve speed or strength.

Injury Prevention/Rehab 

Boxing bands are both used for rehab, as well as for injury prevention. Whenever a boxer injures their arm and undergoes physical therapy, they often use resistance bands during PT. If you want to prevent an injury, boxing resistance bands can lower your injury risk.

Cost Effective

Resistance bands have a low cost while giving you numerous physical benefits. They can be welcomed to any boxing practitioner’s home gym.

Types of Boxing Resistance Bands

Various types of boxing resistance bands have been developed. Initially, boxers would just adapt a resistance band to use during shadowboxing.

Over time, the design of boxing bands has evolved, and there are now different styles on the market. 

Some of the styles include:

  • Traditional Boxing Bands: Traditional boxing bands are just bands with handles that wrap around your back. They’re generally not expensive and widely available online or in sporting goods stores.
  • Bands With Vests: Some band designers include a vest in their boxing resistance band design. The vest provides comfort while keeping you locked into your stance.
  • Arm & Leg Bands: Some resistance bands also include bands that attach to your legs. Allowing you to practice both your punches and kicks with resistance.

A Boxing Resistance Bands Workout

Boxing resistance bands are generally used within a warm-up but are also used as a standalone workout. Here is an example of a boxing resistance band workout that you can try.

The first thing you will do for this workout is pick your resistance level. Choose a lighter resistance to improve speed or a harder resistance to improve strength.

Once you’ve put on the bands, get in your boxing stance and begin shadowboxing like normal. As you move and throw punches, the band will add resistance to your punches.

The Best Boxing Resistance Bands Online

There are numerous types of boxing bands available online. Here are some recommendations for the best boxing resistance bands available online with Amazon links provided below.

Gyro Fitness Shadow Boxer Pro

  • One Size Fits All
  • Arm & Leg Bands
  • Adjustable
  • Stays Tight

The Gyro Fitness Boxing Pro is one of the most purchased boxing resistance bands on Amazon. It’s an updated version of a boxing band that improves on all of the traditional bands’ flaws. 

This piece of equipment is easy to put on and supports your posture thanks to the vest locking system. Once you strap in this band, it doesn’t move or inhibit your movement during training.

Gyro Fitness also includes a resistance band for your legs that improves your leg strength and stance. You get a lot for a reasonable price with this band that is built to last.

VPX Pro Bands

VPX Pro Bands

  • Amazon’s Choice Product
  • Stand In Place Band
  • Improves Speed & Mobility
  • All Ages Can Use

The VPX Pro Bands are sturdy resistance bands that can be used for a variety of training, which includes boxing. It’s a stand-in-place style of band that can be hooked to a door or beam that can improve your speed and mobility.

This band from VPX includes comfortable foam grips that are comfortable to grip. Both adults and kids can use this great piece of training equipment that is an Amazon’s Choice Product.

Sunsign Speed and Agility Resistance Bands

Sunsign Speed and Agility Resistance Bands

  • Waist Locking System
  • Arm & Leg Bands
  • Multiple Resistance Levels
  • Practice Both Punches & Kicks

The Sunsign Speed and Agility Resistance Bands is one of the most effective boxing resistance bands available on Amazon. It’s both bands used to add resistance to both your arms and legs.

Great if you practice MMA and want to practice both your punches and kicks. The straps lock at your waist, which allows you to train with resistance without inhibiting your movement.

Using this band will improve your strength and speed while training in comfort. It’s marked at a reasonable price and good for all skill levels.

OYINDIZ Boxing Resistance Bands

OYINDIZ Boxing Resistance Bands

  • Simple Design
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Polyester & Rubber
  • 3 Resistance Levels

The OYINDIZ Boxing Resistance Bands are the original style of bands with updated materials and comfort. This band is easy to use and made of durable polyester and rubber.

It has a simple design comes in 3 resistance levels from 30 lbs to 50 lbs. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, this boxing band will improve your physical and technical skills.

INNSTAR Boxing Resistance Bands

INNSTAR Boxing Resistance Bands

  • Good For Boxing & MMA
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Waist Locking System
  • Durable

The INNSTAR Boxing Resistance Bands are one of the most technically advanced bands on the market. It includes a waist-locking system with bands for both your arms and legs.

These bands allow you to practice both your punches and kicks in comfort with non-chaffing velcro straps. It’s one of the most durable bands available online and worth the price.

Critics of Boxing Resistance Bands

While boxing resistance bands do have their benefits, they do have their critics. Many of which do have valid criticisms of bands.

The three biggest critics of boxing bands are:

  1. Uncomfortable To Use
  2. Break Easily
  3. Why Not Just Box?

Many of the classic styles of resistance bands used in training are uncomfortable to use. They can pinch your skin and inhibit your movement.

Another criticism of bands is that they will eventually break since most are made of rubber nylon.

Then the biggest criticism from old school coaches is, why use bands when you can just do boxing? You can improve your strength, speed, and technique by doing rounds of shadow boxing, mitts, and pads with no bands.

These are valid criticisms but don’t negate the benefits of using resistance bands in boxing training.

Safety Tip For Using Boxing Resistance Bands

Whenever you’re using boxing resistance bands, always remember to use the proper form. Keeping good form when punching will eliminate the risk of injury while also helping prevent them.

If you remember this important safety to you’ll see quick results after consistently using your boxing resistance bands.

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