Crawford Beating Canelo Would Be “tall Task” – Kyrone Davis

Crawford Beating Canelo Would Be “tall Task” – Kyrone Davis

By Dan Ambrose: Kyrone Davis says it would be a “tall task” for Terence Crawford to defeat Canelo Alvarez because he wouldn’t be able to generate enough offense to win rounds.

At this point, this is just a fantasy fight because Crawford has been fighting at 147 and never fought at 168. Even if Crawford did move up to 168, Canelo wouldn’t fight him.

Crawford would need to prove himself at 168 and earn the fight, which he’s not expressed interest in doing. He just wants to fight the winner of Canelo’s fight with Jermell Charlo in a straight shot, hopping in front of

If Crawford stood in the pocket trying to get the better of Canelo, he’d have too much heat coming at him from the Mexican star’s hard punches.

Canelo hits too hard, and he’d eventually connect with aa big shot that would incapacitate Crawford. Kyrone believes Crawford could maybe cut Canelo or hurt him to the body, but apart from that, he’s not going to be to able to do anything.

Canelo = problems for Crawford

“Canelo is a big guy, and it’s going to be a lot. You’re not going to hurt Canelo. You can. I don’t think he can one-punch hurt him, no. Maybe, he can cut an eye or something. He’s human,” said Tyrone Davis to MillCity Boxing when asked if Terence Crawford can beat Canelo Alvarez.

Crawford would undoubtedly use a lot of movement and jabs, and following the Floyd Mayweather Jr. blueprint.

“Maybe you can bother him to the body, maybe. He has to get some flesh on them gloves, and he has to go to the body and step around. It’s going to be a tall, tall task,” said Davis about what Crawford would be up against trying to beat Canelo.

“Before the judging. I don’t want to get into the judging. I just want to say that Canelo can really fight. He’s got moves, he’s got traps, he got a good jab. He can throw every punch and change his game up.

“People say he’s flat-footed, but he moves well. It’s not easy. It won’t be easy. That’ll be a tall task. In boxing, nothing is impossible. If I was to bet, I’d put my money on Canelo.

Of course, the oddsmakers would have Canelo as the favorite because he has the experience, and Crawford is just looking for a payday.

“I just think it’ll be a tall task for the great Terence Crawford. I’m not taking anything away from who he is. Canelo is great, and he’s a great bigger man. You’re not talking about age. Canelo is 33. Bud’s older,” said Davis.

Alvarez beats Crawford

“I don’t see him being able to do that. Can Canelo stop him? I think Canelo being a bigger guy, one punch can do it,” said Davis. “If they fought, I wouldn’t see either guy stopping one another.

“I think Canelo wins a decision because Crawford does some things in there to keep it even. He knows how to do things that limit the things that you do well, but I think it’ll be a little too much.

I don’t think he’d be able to generate enough offense to win rounds when there’s that much heat coming at him. He would turn more defensive, I have to say. He would have to be more defensive and be more agile.

“He wouldn’t be able to sit back and catch & counter the same because you got to be able to catch him and look the punch all the way in because Canelo is throwing it with force. You can’t just catch & counter, and you miss timing, and he catches you.

“You just got to be a little more careful with a power puncher like Canelo, who is bigger. I’m icing my shoulder every other day. He’s punching the whole body.

“There’s holes in everybody’s game, but I think that’ll be a tall task. I’m not saying Canelo is unstoppable. That’s not what I’m saying that I don’t think Bud’s make-up will be able to get it done.

“The Benavidez would be a really good fight [for Canelo]. The Bivol fight again would be a great fight. Nobody is unstoppable.

“I’m telling you from the make-up of the 5’8″ Terence Crawford, the way his body is built, just what he’ll be going against a bigger guy, having to come all the way up to 168 from a guy, Canelo, who walks around at 190, 180-something, it would be hard. It would be a tough task is what I’m saying,” said Kyrone.

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