Dana White Blamed For Letting His Ego Allow The 'Most Relevant Fighter On The Planet' Leave The UFC

Dana White Blamed For Letting His Ego Allow The 'Most Relevant Fighter On The Planet' Leave The UFC

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  • novembre 3, 2023
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Whilst Saturday night may have been a win for MMA after Francis Ngannou went 10 competitive rounds with Tyson Fury in a boxing ring, it’s debatable whether it was a good night for the UFC.

On one hand, the former UFC heavyweight champion just proved himself to be the baddest man on the planet by arguably beating the best boxer in the world.

A rising tide raises all ships so whilst he may not be affiliated with the promotion anymore, it’s a good look for the sport.

On the other hand, the promotion could have played a part in this fight if they had allowed Ngannou to go and box instead of their relationship breaking down ahead of his departure earlier this year.

Whether or not the UFC regrets their decision to not grant the former heavyweight champion his wishes or not, there’s no doubt that Saturday night could have been a home run for the promotion if things had played out differently.

Brendan Schaub Says Dana White’s Ego Stopped The UFC From Being Involved In A Huge Night For Combat Sports After They Didn’t Bet On Ngannou

It’s not surprising in some sense that the UFC wouldn’t have been willing to bet on their former champion. After all, not many gave him a shot at all of competing with Fury in Saudi Arabia.

The PFL, however, were more than willing to let their new big signing go off and compete in boxing before making his debut with the promotion and through association alone, Saturday night was a victory for them.

Analysing the event with added context and hindsight, Brendan Schaub spoke about his opinions on the event from the UFC’s perspective.

Pointing out that they will be kicking themselves in having the most talked about fighter in the world right now be actively distanced from them, Schaub also stated that the president of the promotion, Dana White, was a hindrance to how the situation played out.  

“It pains me to see that Dana White’s not part of it because you have Izzy there, you had Usman there, you had Conor McGregor there, you had Vince McMahon there, you had the Undertaker there which, they’re all under the TKO banner right. Then, Dana White’s ego, he can’t give it up and it’s very very rare where Dana White makes a mistake of this magnitude. 

“He made a royal mistake betting against Francis Ngannou. To be fair, as a businessman, he probably made the right choice. In hindsight, now that we’re here, royal mess up because you have the most relevant fighter on the planet and he’s not with the UFC. He has nothing to do with the UFC, matter of fact, he hates the UFC.”

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