Hearn Eyes Tank – Haney Clash In 2024 Without Rehydration Clause

Hearn Eyes Tank – Haney Clash In 2024 Without Rehydration Clause

Promoter Eddie Hearn says he expects Gervonta Davis vs. Devin Haney fight to take place in 2024 without a rehydration clause to make it an even playing field.

Hearn feels there’s no need for a rehydration clause if the Davis-Haney fight will be for Haney’s WBC light welterweight title at 140. We’ll see if Hearn changes his mind about the rehydration clause & catchweight issue if Tank refuses to fight without them.

Haney isn’t the A-side in negotiations with Tank Davis, and his WBC 140lb belt might as well be a trinket because it’s not important for the Baltimore native.

Can Haney dictate terms?

Haney & his management can politely suggest to Tank that there shouldn’t be any weight stipulations for the fight, but they’ll likely lose the deal if they stand firm.

If Gervonta (29-0, 27 KOs) will move up from 135 to challenge Haney for his 140-lb belt, then Hearn doesn’t think it’s needed. Tank likely feels different after learning of Haney rehydrating to 165 lbs last Saturday night for his fight with WBC champion Regis Prograis.

Beating an old & slow 35-year-old Prograis isn’t enough to make Haney the A-side against Tank Davis, and Hearn needs to be clear on that.

Tank’s management PBC won’t want to put him in a position where he’s outweighed potentially by 20 to 30 lbs by a 165-lb Haney, who should be fighting at welterweight or junior middleweight.

Hearn would like Devin to stay at 140 long enough to unify the titles against some of the other champions and fight Ryan Garcia.

That could prove difficult for Haney to do because he’s taking off a massive amount to get down to 140. Rehydrating to 165 is an indication that Haney needs to move up to 147 or 154

“[Subriel] Matias is a great guy. We’ve got a lot of fights for him. Devin wants to fight all those guys. He should continue to chase the champions like he’s doing, and that’s definitely a potential fight for the future,” said Eddie Hearn to Lalosboxing.

“I think it would [moving up to 147 suiting Haney], but I think he should stay at 140 for a little bit. He’s moved up. He could easily be fit and strong at 147, and he’s a young man with a lot of time on his side,” said Hearn.

Haney can’t continue training down to 140 for long, but if he can somehow continue to lose close to 30 lbs of water weight to come down from 165 or 170, he’s not going to get the Tank fight, and he’s clearly the one he and his dad, Bill Haney want.

All the rest of the fights at 140 are smaller money matches. Ryan Garcia is the best money fight, but that’s only if he doesn’t lose to Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero next.

Hearn is in a big hurry to make the fight between Haney & Ryan because he’s got to know if he doesn’t make it soon, Kingry will get beaten, and he’ll lose value.

Should there be a rehydration clause?

“I think definitely stay at 140 and fight for those other belts, and then move up to 147. I think it’s a great fight with a lot of history,” said Hearn when asked about a fight between Haney and Gervonta Davis.

It’s got to be difficult for Haney to get down to 140, because he wouldn’t have been talking about wanting to move up to 147 after his win over Prograis last Saturday night if it was a walk in the park.

So, while Hearn would like Haney to stay at 140, his days are numbered. It takes superhuman effort to lose the kind of weight that Haney is without it killing him or putting him in a hospital due to dehydration.

“I think Devin is going to be very difficult to beat. I think Tank is a great fighter. I don’t see that fight getting made next, but I see it in 2024. “Why should there there be a rehydration clause, especially when you’re fighting for a belt,” said Hearn, reacting to Bill Haney saying he’s not interested in a rehydration clause for the Tank Davis vs. Devin fight.

Would Hearn want a rehydration clause in place if Tank Davis were his fighter? That’s a big YES. Of course not. He wouldn’t want his fighter to face a 165-lb guy if he’s campaigning at 140.

“I don’t know. It’s one to discuss, but I don’t see it happening next, but I think we will get it,” said Hearn on the Tank-Haney clash.

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