Hearn Wants Gervonta Davis To Stay Independent, Allowing Him Freedom

Hearn Wants Gervonta Davis To Stay Independent, Allowing Him Freedom

Promoter Eddie Hearn feels that Gervonta Davis should stay independent and not stay in-house with PBC because he’ll be stuck with just their fighters, and that would likely mean a rematch with Isaac Cruz for his next fight.

Eddie argues that Tank staying with the Premier Boxing Champions bubble will result in limited choices, less appealing fights, and less money.

Hearn believes the former Mayweather Promotions fighter Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) would stay a free agent, allowing him to make a lot of money fighting Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson & Teofimo Lopez.

The Allure of Independence

What we don’t know is how ambitious Tank is. He’s never shown a desire to fight any of those guys, so that could be a factor that would hold him back from becoming independent of PBC.

He didn’t have to take risks during his career, fighting guys like Pitbull Cruz, Rolly Romero, and Ryan Garcia.

If he stays with PBC, he’d be fighting on Amazon Prime Video PPV, and his purses would likely be tied into the money he brings in for those fights.

If earnings depend on PPV sales, he could take a huge pay-cut from what he was making fighting on Showtime unless he faces the best opposition that fans want to see him fight. That can’t happen if Tank is doing in-house fights with PBC because they’ve got a limited stable.

The Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn has made no secret that he would like to sign the 29-year-old Gervonta and put together fights with WBC 140-lb champion Haney. That would likely be the starting point.

Tank can make more money

“If I’m Tank Davis, I’m keeping myself nice and independent, and I’m looking at all the opportunities out there because the one time that Tank didn’t fight in-house, he made a fortune against Ryan Garcia,” said Eddie Hearn to Secondsout about Gervonta Davis, who he wants to sign to his Matchroom Boxing stable.

He can make a fortune against Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson, Teofimo Lopez, and all non-in-house fights. Of course, PBC will do everything they can to make him fight in-house fights,” Hearn continued.

It makes sense for Tank to be independent, but if he values protection from his promoter or management, he’ll likely choose not to sign with Hearn or anyone who insists that he fight high-caliber opposition that could defeat him. You have to believe that Tank has been happy with the way PBC and Mayweather Promotions matched him his entire career.

“A lot of them don’t have contracts,” said Hearn about PBC fighters. “So, Deontay Wilder left PBC but didn’t really leave because he didn’t have a contract. So, now he’s fighting DAZN. It’s fantastic. Anybody can do it.

“I think flexibility is important. The opportunity to make big fights away from your network. Not necessarily away from your promoter, but if they exist, I like DAZN’s position because they’ve shown that they’re willing to work with people. Gervonta Davis’ last fight was on DAZN, and it was also on Showtime.”

If Tank did sign with Hearn, the British promoter would still have constraints because he doesn’t often work with Top Rank or PBC fighters. If the Saudis were coming through with huge amounts of money to entice Top Rank and PBC fighters to cross the aisle and fight Tank, that’s one thing, but you can’t count on that.

“Deontay Wilder’s fight [this Saturday] is on DAZN. It’s also on ESPN+ because DAZN is choosing to move in that way, and I think that’s really reassuring for a fighter that you’re not going to get isolated in just making fights with your platform and your roster,” said Hearn.

“Now, if you’re Tank Davis, ‘Who am I going to fight?’ If I fight in-house, it’s probably going to have to be an Isaac Cruz rematch. That’s not going to do any business,” said Hearn about Gervonta.

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