Jermall Charlo Riled Up, Tells Jose Benavidez Jr. “I’m Going To Beat The S**t Out Of You”

Jermall Charlo Riled Up, Tells Jose Benavidez Jr. “I’m Going To Beat The S**t Out Of You”

By Adam Baskin: Jermall Charlo lost his temper today, going off on his opponent Jose Benavidez Jr. during their virtual press conference following some biting remarks he made about him in the build-up to their 163-lb catchweight fight on November 25th on Showtime PPV at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas.

Initially, a tired-looking Jermall was laid back during the press conference, but Benavidez Jr. got him upset, and he was like a different person.

Benavidez Jr. (28-2-1, 19 KOs), the big brother of main event fighter David Benavidez,  got Jermall (32-0, 22 KOs) heated when he started talking about him looking “scared” and sweating about their ten round co-feature clash.

Jermall hasn’t fought in over two years, but surprisingly, he said that he’s going to begin training camp tomorrow to begin preparation for his fight with Benavidez Jr.

When asked why he waited until now to start training, Jermall said that he’s been “chilling” because he doesn’t feel that he’d had to put in a big effort to get ready for this level of opponent.

Charlo said this fight will prepare him for his move up to 168, as he plans on campaigning at super middleweight. Fighting in this weight class will allow Jermall to make a lot of money challenging undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez, Caleb Plant, and David Benavidez.

Jermall has bad blood with Plant after he was slapped by him last summer when the two had a confrontation in Las Vegas.

Jose Benavidez Jr: “He’s going to see who the real puncher is,” said Jose Jr. to Showtime about his fight against Jermall Charlo on November 25th.

“It’s at 163 because this guy had to make up some excuses that he couldn’t make the [160-lb limit]. He was going through some hard times, so that he couldn’t make the weight. The boy’s not disciplined.”

Jermall Charlo: “I thank God for this second chance and this opportunity for me to show my greatness. Training camp has been awesome. I’ve been training, and I’m ready to go. Jose Benavidez is a great fighter. I ain’t got nothing bad to say about you. You’ll see when we get in there.

“You’re going to have to make the adjustments. Keep running your mouth, Mr. You’ll see.”

Benavidez Jr: “You’ve been training for a while. Why don’t you want to fight at 163 then? There’s no discipline, is there? You’re scared. Why are you sweating?”

Charlo: “I’m the champion at 160.”

Benavidez Jr: “Exactly, so why didn’t you fight at 160? You can’t make weight or what?”

Charlo: “I’m good. I could have made the fight at whatever I wanted it to be at. You need to fight. I don’t need to.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m going to fight you. Don’t you worry about it, and I’m going to beat the f**k out of you.”

Charlo: “Rince your mouth out.”

Benavidez Jr: “You’re already scared. What are you sweating for?

Charlo: “I ain’t sweating, boy. I ain’t sweating you at all. This is going to be crazy, watch.”

Benavidez Jr: “It’s going to be crazy when I whip your a**.”

Charlo: “I ain’t one of your fighters that you try to choke at the weigh-ins or s**t like that or none of that bull s**t where you try to spit on them. I’m going to knock the f**k out of you. We’re going to beat the s**t out of you, your daddy and momma, and the whole camp. You got a good opportunity. What you mad for.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m going to whoop your a**.”

Charlo: “I’m giving you the opportunity. I’m giving you the opportunity. What are you mad for? You need to be thankful. Be grateful.”

Brian Custer: “Jose, activity in this sport means a lot, and you have been active. Do you believe that this is one of your biggest advantages going into this fight against Charlo, even though he’s been campaigning at a higher weight than you’ve been accustomed to, but you’ve certainly been the most active guy.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’ve actually fought at 160 a few times before, and I actually walk around at 180, 190. 147 was hard to make. I felt drained. I moved up to 154, and I thought it was going to be better. When I fought Danny Garcia, the week of the fight, I was 175, and I had to lose 20 lbs. It was tough.

“Now, I don’t have to lose much, and I feel strong. I’m ready to get the show on the road. He says I need to be thankful. Thank you for choosing me to fight. I appreciate that. You’re right about that. I thank you guys.

“It’s going to be a fantastic night of boxing. He’s training hard, and I’m training hard. It’s going to be a great show.”

Custer: “You fought Danny Garcia, and you fought Terence Crawford. So you’ve fought some big names. Unfortunately, you didn’t come out on the winning side. Tell us why it will be different against Jermall Charlo.”

Benavidez Jr: “Like I said, weight had a lot to do with it. When I fought Terence Crawford at 147, I was fighting at 147 when I was 14 years old. At 154, I felt stronger. On top of that, they’re world class fighters. They’re the best of the best, but at this weight [middleweight], I’m good, I feel strong.

“My whole life, I’ve been sparring bigger guys. It’s time for me. I’ve got my man’s strength. I’m actually in a good place right now.”

Custer: “Jermall, inactivity. It has been a long time since you’ve been in the ring. Do you think ring rust will be a detriment to you in this fight?”

Jermall: “Nah, not at all.”

Custer: “Tell us why.”

Jermall: “I won’t be rusty. No excuses. I’ve got nothing else to say. I hope you’re not thinking I’m going to be rusty. That’s fine. Think whatever you want to think. I’ve been training. Even though y’all haven’t seen me actually fight, I’ve been working. You’ll see. I ain’t got nothing else to say. Smile, grin, do whatever you want. You’ll see.

Benavidez Jr: “I’m going to show you what the big dog is.”

Jermall: “You ain’t nothing, bro. You’re all talk.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m not all talk. You’re the one that was sweating when I saw you in Vegas. Don’t act like you don’t remember.”

Jermall: “This is my first time ever seeing you. I didn’t even watch you fighting Danny Garcia or Terence Crawford. I haven’t even studied you at all. I don’t know how you fight.”

Benavidez Jr: “When I saw you in person.”

Jermall: “You ain’t never seen me in person.”

Benavidez Jr: “Shut your a** up.”

Jermall: “I’m starting training camp tomorrow.”

Benavidez Jr: “You’re starting training camp tomorrow? You should have been started.”

Jermall: “You’re advantage, right? What are you worried about it for? I’m chilling. That’s how I’m looking at you. I’m about to start training camp tomorrow. I ain’t thrown no punches yet.”

Benavidez Jr: “The sparring partners must be whooping your a**.”

Jermall: “When you see it, you’ll see it.”

Custer: “Hey Jermall, since this fight is at 163, is the first step to fight at 168 where his brother [David Benavidez] campaigns, and Canelo where everyone thinks you’ll end up?”

Jermall: “Yes, sir, this is the first step to get to the next weight class. I’m using the little big brother with his little man syndrome.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m as big as you.”

Jermall: “You ain’t near as big as me.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m bigger than you.”

Jermall: “You’ll see. When you start eating the jabs and right hands, you’ll see how big you is. Jump up there and get it.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m going to whip your a**.”

Jermall: “You ain’t going to whip s**t. You ain’t never whooped nobody.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m going to whip you and your nappy a** hair too.”

Jermall: “I’m cool with that. Why are you so confident, scrub?”

Benavidez Jr: “You got to be confident. You don’t seem like you’re confident in yourself.”

Jermall: “All my opponents said what you said, 32 of them.”

Benavidez Jr: “They’re all bums.”

Jermall: “They’re all bums, huh? You couldn’t beat none of them.”

Custer: “What gives you the confidence, Jose?”

Benavidez Jr: “I just feel like I’ve been in a tough training camp and have been training for a while, sparring with my brother. We’ve had a lot of great, big sparring partners. I’m talking about big guys that actually hit hard. I just feel strong, and I’m motivated more than anything.”

Custer: “Is Jermall Charlo mentally, physically back at the elite level, especially on November 25th when he gets in the ring?”

Jermall: “I’m back. By God’s grace, I’m back.”

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