Jermell Charlo To Terence Crawford: “You Got To Face Me” After Canelo

Jermell Charlo To Terence Crawford: “You Got To Face Me” After Canelo

By Allan Fox: Jermell Charlo says he’s coming for Terence Crawford as soon as he obliterates Canelo Alvarez next month on September 30th. Jermell may need to hold off on fighting Crawford due Canelo expected to insist on a rematch.

Jermell needs to fight Crawford and Tim Tszyu at 154 because those are two fights that he would need to get out of the way for him to regain his royal throne.

Crawford’s victory over Errol Spence took his ego to another level, making him think he could knock off the big dogs.

Before beating Spence, who looked like the grim reaper at the weigh-in, Crawford was just a humble champion with a poor resume. That victory transformed Crawford’s personality to where he seems like another person.

It’s surprising that Crawford isn’t calling out the heavyweight champions Tyson Fury & Oleksandr Usyk.

First Canelo, then Bud for Jermell

“Don’t write a check your a** can’t cash,” Jermell Charlo said to Cigar Talk about Terence Crawford. “I’m one of those ones. You got to face me. I got to see what you on.”

Crawford and his fans seem to view a win over Jermell as a forgone conclusion, and they could be in for a real shock. Jermell won’t be weight-drained or coming back from a 100 mph car crash when he faces Crawford.

“It’s a pilot on a stove. When you light that stove a bunch of times, it boof,” said Jermell. “It bursts out. So sometimes, I just hold back and allow it to idle in a position. When I get done with this one [Canelo Alvarez], I’m going to move on to that situation. I’ll take care of everybody I got to take care of,” Jermell said about Crawford.

“I’m going to treat this fight like I’m getting a lick back. We should wrap this up in a good way.”

Jermell shouldn’t get caught up avenging Spence’s losses because of the way he looked against Crawford, he may continue to lose if he doesn’t move up to a weight division that is ideal for his frame.

“I’ve always been a little misunderstood my whole life, my whole career. I’ve been persevering whenever they didn’t put me in the top catapult,” said Jermell. “They didn’t put me where I should have been, and sometimes it happens.”

Hard work has paid off

“I strive. I’m the little brother, I’m the smaller twin, and all the other s**t,” Charlo said. I was able to still be me, separate myself, and achieve what I can on my own, through me, through what I do.

“So, I never cared about all that other s**t, but I took it personal in a way, and then they call me emotional whenever they see me lash out and say something,” said Jermell.

“Nah, I ain’t got a chip on my shoulder from being a little brother. That’s God that made that. I can’t control how that happened. It made me work harder because I’m the little brother. It made the little brother work hard.

“There’s always motivation and inspiring. Yeah, I already knew what was going on. I was in talks with the big dogs,” said Jermell about how he always knew from the jump that it was him who was fighting Canelo on September 30th, not his brother Jermall.

“It’s cool now that the fight is happening and the news is out. This is what we’ve got on our hands.

“In my world, I overlook it. I’ve got big things in play right now. I can’t be worried about now Caleb Plant bull s**t or what they got in their drama,” said Jermell, reacting to his brother Jermall being slapped by Caleb Plant.

“He needs to get his lick back. The streets ain’t ain’t just waiting on him, and that’s on him. If it’s in the ring or in the streets, you [Jermall] need to get your lick back. That’s how I feel about it,” said Jermell.

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