Keyshawn Davis Complaining About Fight Being Canceled For Drug Violation

Keyshawn Davis Complaining About Fight Being Canceled For Drug Violation

By Adam Baskin: Keyshawn Davis is upset about his ten round majority decision win over Nahir Albright being overturned due to his positive test for marijuana for their October 14th fight in Rosenberg, Texas.

The 24-year-old Keyshawn (9-0, 6 KOs) was given a 90-day suspension by the Texas Commission, which resulted in his fight with 34-year-old  former two-division world champion Jose Pedraza being canceled.  Keyshawn will be coming off his suspension in January, so can continue his career at that time.

Hopefully, he doesn’t test positive in the future for marijuana and gets another suspension.  Davis’ promoters at Top Rank are expected to reschedule that fight in the first quarter of next year.

Pedraza has lost two out of his last three fights, so he should be a safe fight for Keyshawn to take after his struggles against Albright.

To find solace, Keyshawn says he’s going to purchase a house. It’s unclear how buying a house will enable him to get even with the Texas Commission, but that seems to be his mindset.

Keyshawn sounded annoyed talking on social media on Tuesday, saying that he felt he was being singled out for harsh treatment by the Texas Commission for whatever reason.

He’s not sure why they took his win over Albright away, as this kind of thing had never happened before with a fighter’s victory erased for a positive marijuana test. Initially, Keyshawn won a ten round majority decision by the scores 95-95, 96-94, and 97-93.

Many boxing fans agreed with the 95-95 score, as Albright took control of the fight from the sixth round and had Keyshawn hurt in the final seconds of the eighth round when he was showboating.

“I ain’t ever hear of a fight getting taken away in boxing history [for testing positive for marijuana],” said Keyshawn Davis on social media, complaining about his ten round majority decision win against Nahir Albright being changed to a no-decision and his planned match against 34-year-old Jose Pedraza being canceled after his positive test for a banned substance.

I’m happy. They want to cancel me. I’m going to buy a house on they a**. I don’t care. Go ahead and cancel me for 90 days. House! Stop playing with me. You ain’t stopping no motion. We keeping it going.

“Why nobody is talking about this s**t. People got tested for PEDs and hell of s**t. They’re going to take my fight away over some marijuana. That’s crazy to me. F*** them.  Straight like that. They want to suspend me. F**k them.

The way that Keyshawn looked against Albright, he’s going to have to make a lot of changes to his game because he’s too defensive he doesn’t throw enough punches. He can’t fight like that against guys like Raymond Muratalla, William Zepeda, and Vasily Lomachenko and expect to win.

“Nobody’s fight got taken away for PEDs or nothing. A fight never got taken away in boxing history. Why did they make me an example? I’m different. It’s cool. All they did was show me my power and how powerful I am. They took a whole fight [outcome against Albright] away from me for marijuana?

“The only thing they didn’t take away from me is my check. If they took away my check, whoo. I want to go to that commission [Texas] and ask them, ‘Why did you have to make me an example?’ Not only that. They also gave me a tie on the judges’ scorecard. They were scared of me on the judges’ scorecards, too.

“Y’all already tried to make me lose once. They took the decision away from me. They tried to make me lose. They gave me a tiebreaker on the scorecards. A tie? The fight wasn’t even that close for it to be a two-round fight. They were already trying to cheat. Boxing is crazy.

“I’m not tripping off the 90-day suspension. The only thing I’m tripping off of is why did you take my win from me? Why did you think you had to make me an example? That’s the only thing I’m tripping off of.

“Okay, you took my win away from me. I got paid. I don’t give a f**k. 90-day suspension. They tried to cheat on the judges’ scorecard. We got past all that, but why did y’all make me an example, though? ‘Oh, 2023, Keyshawn talks so much s**t, we’re going to take his fight away from him,’ but why?

“Next time I’m in Texas, I’ll say, ‘Was it you that made the decision to take my s**t away?’ I bet they said, ’90-day suspension. We going to do that. No, that’s not enough. We got to take his fight away to really show him a lesson so he won’t do this again.’

“They really threw that in there. ‘We’re going to show him.’ I can feel it in my soul. ‘Yeah, we’re going to take his fight away from him. Take his fight. That’s really going to get his attention. That’s really going to make him think he can’t f**k with us.’ I’m telling you how these people think, bro.

“Texas is never going to get a big fight out of me. I’m sorry, Texas. I’m never coming for a main event fight,” said Keyshawn.

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