LIVE Misfits 12 results, streaming influencer boxing updates | Ed Matthews vs. Mystery Opponent

LIVE Misfits 12 results, streaming influencer boxing updates | Ed Matthews vs. Mystery Opponent

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  • janvier 21, 2024
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This afternoon (Sat., Jan. 20, 2024), Misfits Boxing kicks off their 2024 schedule with a packed card full of people who make videos and other content plying their hand at the sport of boxing. Coming to you LIVE from Leeds, England, with a 2 p.m. ET start time, it’s the 12th installment of Misfits & DAZN X Series boxing.

Watch Misfits X DAZN 12 here

Check out the relatively tame weigh-ins and interviews from yesterday right here. Fortunately, all we saw was some smack talk (and a pair of women in thongs if you consider that scandalous), rather than one competitor throwing pork meat products on their Muslim opponent or someone getting put through a table.

The main event features Ed Matthews, fresh off of a first-round knockout of Swarmz back in October. He is back in the squared circle to face off against an unknown, mystery opponent. In the co-main event, we’ve got a 125-lb title match between current champion, AJ Bunker, and challenger, Elle Brooke.

Misfits 12 Boxing Quick Results:

160 lbs.: Ed Matthews def. Mystery Opponent Luis Pineda — KO, Rd. 2, 1:11125 lbs.: Elle Brooke def. AJ Bunker — KO, Rd. 3, 1:56 — HIGHLIGHTS!170 lbs.: Ashley Raksu vs. OJ Rose — Draw (39-37, 38-38, 37-39)185 lbs: Tristan Hamm def. Not Logan Paul — KO, Rd. 1, 1:39 — HIGHLIGHTS!245 lbs.: Chase DeMoor def. Minikon — Unanimous Decision135 lbs.: Fox The G def. Small Spartan J — KO, Rd. 1, 1:34155 lbs.: Ben Williams def. Fes Batista — Unanimous Decision210 lbs.: DTG def. Myles Raksu — TKO, Rd 2, 3:00140 lbs.: Joey Knight def. Most Wanted — TKO, Rd 3, 1:07

Misfits 12 Boxing Full Play-By-Play and Results:

Ed Matthews vs. Luis Pineda

Round 1: Sooooo a bunch of dudes are walking out one at a time. Guess we’re still waiting to see who the actual opponent is to the very end. I was about to type out that it’s very pro-wrestling’esque when the lights just turned off and they started the Undertaker’s entrance music. All the other randoms have left the ring and it appears that Luis Pineda is the actual opponent for Matthews.

Matthews in red and black, Pineda in white. Matthews jumps forward like a house on fire and Pineda is down! Nope, they’re calling that a slip. Matthews misses some overhands, goes to the body instead. Pineda lands a right. Matthews shoves Pineda to the mat. The best shot for Matthews so far has been a right to the ribs, as he’s landed it repeatedly. Pineda gets a couple of good shots in and Matthews slips to the ground. Big right hand lands to the temple of Matthews and it’s his turn to hit the canvas.

10-8 Pineda

Round 2: Matthews blitzing and hurts Pineda a bit. Frenetic start as Matthews tried to get Pineda out of there early. Pineda has composed himself after that onslaught and is picking his shots now. Right hand hurts Matthews. Another one sends him tumbling through the ropes and out onto the table! It’s over with a highlight win for Pineda!

Final result: Luis Pineda defeats Ed Matthews via knockout

AJ Bunker vs. Elle Brooke for the X Series women’s middleweight belt

Round 1: Brooke in violet, Bunker in black. Slow start, finally they get into a phone booth and Bunker starts throwing hooks. Jab by Brooke, return right by Bunker glances. Wow, a point being deducted from Brooke for holding already. They clash and throw again to the bell.

10-8 Bunker

Round 2: Most of this fight is being contested in short quarters. Clinch, punch and break. Ref warning Bunker now. Brooke with a clean right, eats a less-clean one in return. Really hard to tell who is winning here. I think Bunker is throwing with more fury, but landing a little more.

10-9 Brooke, but it could go either way

Round 3: Ref implores Brooke for clean boxing. Bunker’s gas tank is looking like it’s starting to run low here. Good shot from Brooke. There’s another right. A third right and that PLANTS Bunker. She gets up, but is way out of it and that’s all she wrote.

Final result: Elle Brooke defeats AJ Bunker via knockout — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Ashley Raksu vs. OJ Rose

Round 1: Rose in black & green, Rak-Su in red. Rose coming forward and trying to get in pot shots. Rak-Su seems content to box off the back foot, and he’s got a nice jab so far. Rose to the body, trying to utilize his cardio and bank some points. Rak-Su doing good so far retreating and then stinging as the shorter man tries to close the distance. Good right hand as Rose finally gets Rak-Su backed into a corner.

10-9 Rose

Round 2: Rose still pressing forward. Both men connect to the body. OJ took a pause in the action to request his mouthpiece, which either got knocked out at some point or was never inserted at the end of the first. Rose gets Rak-Su into the corner and he uses the inability of Rak-Su to move to unload a couple. Rak-Su gets a warning for the back of the head, as a hook looped around and clubbed Rose.

10-9 Rose

Round 3: Wide counter-right by Rak-Su lands. A good right to the body, too. A decent straight right hand. Now Rose comes forward and gets in a left-right. Rak-Su’s feet look out of it at the moment. All the backpedaling is taking its toll. When Rose sits in the pocket, Rak-Su gets an opportunity to return fire. OJ is starting to slow down a bit, too.

10-9 Rak-Su

Round 4: Ashley trying to go forward, but he can’t really find Rose with his fists. Good volume from Rose and there’s a great uppercut. Clean right hand by Rose a minute later, too and Rak-Su immediately clinches. Rak-Su isn’t NOT throwing, he’s just not throwing much. Ashley looking like he’s trying not to get knocked down here.

10-9 Rose

Final result: OJ Rose and Ashley Rak-Su fight to a draw

Tristan Hamm vs. Not Logan Paul

Round 1: We’ve got Hamm in Green and NLP in black. NLP coming out a bit wild, but landing some big awkward shots. Hamm on the front foot now, backs NLP up. He lands a nice left and that sends the shaggy hair flying. He’s leaning on the ropes and the ref can step in any time now… About 5 more shots and the mouthpiece comes out and we’ve finally got a standing count. Corner gets his mouthpiece in, but it’s upside down so he gets a few more seconds to recover. Very crafty!

They re-engage and Hamm absolutely smokes him with a big right cross & right uppercut. NLP collapses like a chair with no legs and that’s that.

Final result: Tristan Hamm defeats Not Logan Paul via KO — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

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