Midnight Mania! Dricus Du Plessis claims Sean Strickland admitted defeat at UFC 297: ‘You beat me’

Midnight Mania! Dricus Du Plessis claims Sean Strickland admitted defeat at UFC 297: ‘You beat me’

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  • janvier 27, 2024
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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Just about a week ago (Jan. 20, 2024), Dricus Du Plessis dethroned Sean Strickland in the main event of UFC 297. The victory sent the title home with him to South Africa and stands out as the most important of his career, but it wasn’t without controversy.

Plain and simple, Du Plessis vs. Strickland was a close fight. Strickland’s jab was the most effective strike of the fight, but he didn’t throw much else, whereas Du Plessis unloaded the entire arsenal at his opponent. He also pressured Strickland throughout and landed a healthy handful of takedowns, but ultimately, both men were bloodied and worn by the end of 25 minutes. Two of the three judges awarded Du Plessis the decision victory, but it was close enough to argue for either man.

It’s hardly the first time a title has changed hands via split-decision, and even with a possible clash of heads in the mix, it doesn’t feel like it should be such a dramatic scene. Yet, the online MMA sphere is more toxic than ever, and the decision is at the heart of the outrage.

Maybe there shouldn’t be any controversy at all? Du Plessis revealed on the SuperSport Unplugged podcast that Strickland admitted defeat to him in the cage privately and outright.

“He came to me in the cage, and I think this is the first time publicly I’ll say this, he came to me in the cage,” Dricus explained. “Right before they announced me as the new champion. I went to him and I shook his hand, and I said, ‘You’re a warrior, well done, it was a great fight.’

“And he said, ‘No, you definitely beat me.’ He said to me, ‘You deserve it, you won that fight, you beat me.’ I also think so!”

There’s been no audio of this alleged admission released as of yet. From his immediate post-fight interview until now, however, Strickland has been consistent in arguing he deserved the win. Maybe those public statements will help him secure a rematch someday in the future?


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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