Mosley Says Spence Was Dehydrated & Weak For Crawford Fight

Mosley Says Spence Was Dehydrated & Weak For Crawford Fight

By Brian Webber: Shane Mosley is one of the many who agree with the view that Errol Spence Jr was badly dehydrated for his fight with Terence Crawford last month, and he feels that’s one of the leading causes for his defeat.

With a keen eye, Mosley noticed before the fight how stiff & weak Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) looked, and from there he decided that he had no chance of beating Crawford.

With that said, Mosley doesn’t believe that moving to 154 will improve Spence’s situation enough for him to defeat Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs), as he believes that’s still too much weight that Errol would be dropping going from 190.

Mosley doesn’t say what weight class Spence would need to fight at for him to be strong enough to defeat Crawford, but it could be at 168.  That’s what Floyd Mayweathr Jr. thinks would be the max weight class that he’d like to see Errol at.

Unfortunately, Crawford isn’t going to agree to that, so Spence will either need to fight the rematch at 154 and put himself at a disadvantage again or give up and move on.

Spence should have moved up to 160 or 168 ages ago because he’s looked drained for all of his fights since 2019, and he has gotten away with it because his opposition hasn’t been elite-level.

Will 154 be enough for Spence?

“I was going for Terence Crawford, but I thought that looking at the fight, I thought that Errol Spence was a little weak trying to make 147. I know what it feels like to do that, and in order to fight somebody like Crawford, you have to be 100%,” said Shane Mosley to K.O. Artist Sports.

“With Errol Spence, I seen the way he looked when he was hitting the mitts right before. I was like, ‘Okay, he’s a little stiff, there’s something going on,’ and it has to be the weight. He was a little stiff. Crawford had more rhythm. I said, ‘Crawford is going to get him.’ So, I don’t know. We got to see when they get close.”

On social media, boxing fans were talking about how weak & split Spence looked hitting the pads and were questioning whether he would win looking the way he did.

“I could see it being at 154. I can see Spence making more adjustments and making a fight that we want to see, but I still am going for Crawford,” said Mosley about a rematch between Spence & Crawford.

“I think Crawford has the movement, switch-hitting,  power, and the IQ to get the job done. I wasn’t surprised when I noticed how weak Errol was. He did look really weak when he first got the ring.”

It probably won’t make enough of a difference for Spence to fight at 154 because his appearance was that of a fighter that is a good 20 lbs underweight. He needs to fight at 168, and if that’s still not enough, he should move to 175.

Errol weak

“I noticed when Crawford hit with a jab; he fell back; he was stumbling a lot,” said Mosley. He really wasn’t strong. He was really weak, and I know what that’s from. That’s coming down from 190 or 185 to 147. It’s hard to do that, especially with car accidents and stuff too.

“Those things were a factor. I’m not taking anything from Crawwfor because Crawford did a hell of a job. He did what he was supposed to do. He showed up the right way, worked hard, and he did everything he was supposed to do. He’s a world champion; he’s undisputed. He ispound-for-pound the best.

“I think Tank is right there with him. They’re going back and forth a little bit. For me, I see Crawford being the pound-for-pound the best because he has all the tools. Tank does too. Crawford really has them.

“He can box you, punch you; he can fight you inside, outside, on the side, like anywhere, and knock you out.

“There’s another guy. I’m not sure if he’s going to beat him, but it’s another guy that can give him some good work. I think it’s Boots. Boots is going to give him the work. He’s young; he’s got a lot of power, speed, a lot of mobility. So I think he’s going to give him some work,” said Mosley.

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