Ngannou has ‘no chance’ against Fury: ‘He looks like a zero fight novice’

Ngannou has ‘no chance’ against Fury: ‘He looks like a zero fight novice’

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  • octobre 3, 2023
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Francis Ngannou continues to get hammered over some tentative sparring during a recent open workout.

A week ago, Ngannou stepped into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson in tow to show off some of what they were working. Those that watched the exhibition were not impressed. Tyson Fury’s father called it “embarrassing” and declared Ngannou would get “smashed to pieces” when the two fight on October 28th.

Now former boxing champion and current commentator Carl Froch is also piling on.

“Listen, this is a f—ing sparring session, probably the easiest spar [Fury] ever had,” Froch told Best Gambling Sites. “I don’t care that Ngannou can punch. A mule can kick really hard, but he’s never going to be able to line it up.”

Ngannou has been talking a lot about ‘delivery systems’ for his one big punch, but Froch isn’t giving “The Predator” much of a chance.

“Fury’s not going to be worried about getting hit by that monstrous punch because I’ve seen Ngannou on the pads and he looks terrible,” Froch said. “He looks like what I’d expect a zero fight novice to look like. Slow, awkward, stiff. How is he going to get near Fury? He’s going to get his head absolutely peppered off.”

Froch also suggested that a recent announcement that Fury vs. Usyk would take place soon after Fury vs. Ngannou was designed to get people more engaged with the Ngannou fight.

“By announcing Fury-Usyk is definitely happening, all of sudden everyone’s tails are wagging and ears have pricked up,” he said. “Now they’re all probably going to tune into the Ngannou fight on the back of that, because now there’s interest in what Fury’s looking like. It’s perfect timing for the announcement and the skeptics will say ‘What if Fury gets injured?’”

Ngannou vs. Fury is certainly looking like a fun little appetizer before the meaty main course. Through all this, Ngannou is holding strong in his confidence. Doubt him all you want, he’s used to making the impossible possible.

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