Nick Diaz Is Interested In Boxing Either Jake Or Logan Paul

Nick Diaz Is Interested In Boxing Either Jake Or Logan Paul

Nick Diaz is interested in boxing one of the Paul brothers.

Jake Paul defeated another mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in boxing tonight (Sat., Aug 5, 2023) as he won a dominant unanimous decision over former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend Nate Diaz from inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. (watch the highlights)

After the mega-boxing event, the older Diaz brother, Nick, spoke to the DAZN commentary team on the ‘Beyond the Bell Livestream’ about his brother’s fight and what he wants to do.

“You know, I think he needed a little more work,” Nick said. “But let’s cut to the chase. I’m a lot better than most of these guys that are out there, you know what I mean? I’d love to entertain the idea of moving on in on whoever they got for me. So, if they can do round two and if [Nate] ain’t going to do it, I’ll take it. You know, [Jake has] an older brother, too. So, don’t forget about the one and only, alright?”

After seeing his brother lose in Dallas, Nick was bluntly asked if he was interested in fighting Jake or Logan.

“You know, I’d like to entertain something in the near future. We can talk about that. It could be a possibility,” Nick said. “Either way. Yeah, one of those two or something else. Who knows? I got a lot going on right now. But we can sort that out.”

The leader of the Diaz army also said that watching his brother and Paul fight was motivating and that he is still motivated as ever.

“Of course [it was motivating]; that’s why I try to stay away from the fight game in general. Just because I’m all the way in or it’s all or nothing, you know, I never have one foot in, one foot out,” Nick said. “But you know, me coming here today. I just feel that I have a little bit of an opportunity to open a little bit of a window. If that’s what it is, then just let it be known. I’m still motivated as ever, and I’m a harder worker and a better fighter than anybody that’s out here in this day and age.”

Nick was last in action at UFC 266 in 2021 when he suffered a third-round TKO loss to Robbie Lawler after a six-year layoff (watch highlights).

Earlier this year, he was teasing yet another comeback stating that he wants to fight as soon as possible.

Whether in the UFC or boxing, it seems like Nick wants to fight. (Probably to get one last major payday.)

For complete Paul vs. Diaz results, coverage, and highlights click HERE.

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