Russ Anber On Usyk Vs Dubois: “It’s Ridiculous. It Was A Low Blow. End Of Story!”

Russ Anber On Usyk Vs Dubois: “It’s Ridiculous. It Was A Low Blow. End Of Story!”

IFL TV sat down for an interview with the experienced boxing trainer, commentator, and Usyk cutman Russ Anber and the mood was far from standard. So, what’s the real deal here? Did Dubois land an illegal low blow, or did he KO Usyk?

Russ Anber: “Why would you say it’s a controversy?  Why are you giving it the mileage it deserves?  The guy gave you a 10-round master class performance. It was a low blow that everyone saw and realized it was a low blow. No one said anything until somebody says, ‘No, it wasn’t low.’ Why are you even entertaining that? Whoever’s saying that is a moron.”

Anber leaves little room for interpretation. It was a low blow, plain and simple. With this clarified, should we still be diverting our attention from the fight itself?

Defining a Low Blow: Let’s Set the Record Straight

“A low blow doesn’t mean that you have to be hitting the testicles. A low blow is anything below the belly button. And I think that’s fair to say that it was definitely below the belly button.”

Clear as the ring bell, isn’t it? Anber challenges the critics who are quick to fire off opinions without a thorough understanding of the rule book. If everyone knows what a low blow is, why do we still find ourselves embroiled in this unnecessary debate?

“It was a great performance by the champion of the world. I think it was a master class performance in which he dominated against a big, young, strong guy who came to fight. And that’s what people should be talking about.”

Anber circles back to what he believes should be the focal point: Usyk’s unquestionable skill and execution throughout the bout. Isn’t it time we divert our attention back to where it belongs—on the craftsmanship displayed inside the ring?

“Everybody’s blowing this off like, ‘Oh, he’s such a favorite to win,’ that they’re going to try to diminish Usyk’s victory. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do, diminish his victory and his performance against a guy who came game ready to fight.”

The Simple Truth

“It’s ridiculous. Watch it, just watch it. He hits him and he hits him below. Don’t forget, a low blow doesn’t mean you have to be hitting the testicles. Watch it. End of story.”

Daniel Dubois, the man on the other end of the controversy, receives srespect from Anber. A single defeat doesn’t spell the end; it’s but a chapter in a much larger story. Does one stumble necessitate a fall?

“They’re going to appeal it with the WBA tomorrow morning? Good. Great. Dubois gave it his best shot. That’s all you can ask from a young gun. Now, the future—there’s other fights. You have to be determined and mentally strong if you want to go out there and capture those wins. You’re not always going to fight an Alexander Usyk.”

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