Shane Mosley On Ryan Garcia Problems: “He Must Focus On This Fight” With Oscar Duarte

Shane Mosley On Ryan Garcia Problems: “He Must Focus On This Fight” With Oscar Duarte

Shane Mosley thinks that Ryan Garcia must forget about his problems with Bernard Hopkins & Oscar De La Hoya and focus on his fight against Oscar Duarte this Saturday, December 2.

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Mosley sees Ryan’s issues that surfaced today with Hopkins & De La Hoya as a distraction and not a good one ahead of his important twelve round fight against the hard-hitting Duarte (26-1-1, 21 KOs) at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Ryan Garcia’s advantages over Duarte:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Experience
  • Ring IQ

The only thing that should matter to the 25-year-old Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs) is ensuring he wins this fight with Duarte because if he loses, his career will be in sorry shape. At that point, Ryan would have more problems than just De La Hoya & Hopkins to worry about.

As De La Hoya pointed out today, Ryan has to win a world title because he hasn’t won one yet, and he wants to help him. By the time De la Hoya was Ryan’s age at 25, he’d already captured four division world titles. Let that sink in for a minute.

Ryan is still struggling to capture his first world title, and it’s unclear how many more years it’ll take for that to happen if it ever does.

This Saturday’s Ryan Garcia vs. Oscar Duarte event will be shown live on DAZN at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Ryan Garcia’s problems with Golden Boy are a distraction

“I got negative vibes from Ryan. It could be a mistake because you shouldn’t be thinking about Oscar [De La Hoya] or Bernard or whatever they’re doing and bring that to the press conference, even though I live Ryan Garcia,” said Shane Mosley to Fight Hub TV, talking about his thoughts on Ryan Garcia using today’s final press conference for his fight with Oscar Duarte on Saturday night to criticize his promoters, Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins.

Ryan looked keyed up from the moment today’s press conference started, and you could tell he would use his time at the podium to get even with Hopkins.

In a way, it was childish that Ryan let his emotions run amok and showed no discipline. It was the same reason he lost his fight with Gervonta Davis.

Ryan Garcia lacks discipline 

He wasn’t disciplined and wouldn’t stay under control, and Tank took advantage of recklessness. Ryan wants to be a world champion one day, but that won’t happen if he can’t govern his thoughts.

Without changes in his behavior, Ryan would be just one of the many fighters who couldn’t reach the top.

What made it worse was the way Ryan droned on and on and then went after De La Hoya as well. If he was going to say something, it should have been brief, but he fouled things up, yammering on and on.

Ryan is one of those guys who won’t shut up and keep regurgitating an old argument as if it’s new. He’s got to live in the present and stop stewing on an old grievance, living in the past. It’s unhealthy to be like that.

“I think this was the time to get some things off his chest,” said Mosley. “He said what he needed to say to get it off his chest. I still think Ryan has too much speed, too tall, too rangy for this kid [Duarte], but it seemed like it was a distraction, and it was a big distraction. Hopefully, that doesn’t play into the fight.”

If Ryan thinks things will improve with a new promoter, he could discover nothing changes. It’ll just be musical chairs. Look at how many trainers Ryan has shifted through during his short career.

He swaps them out in an idealistic way as if one day he’ll find one that can magically turn him into a world champion. If Ryan can’t become more self-disciplined, it doesn’t matter how many trainers he has or how many promoters; he’ll never capture a world title, and his career will be over soon.

“I hope that he [Ryan Garcia] will be fully there. Maybe this will be the fuel for him to look spectacular. Maybe that’s his thinking. ‘I don’t care. You can’t stop me. You got this guy [Duarte] here that you think is going to beat me and take my belt or whatever, but I’m going to show you,’” said Mosley.

De La Hoya noted Ryan’s “erratic behavior” today at the press conference, saying, “I’m really concerned about his state of mind. He’s clearly not focused on Saturday night.”

If Ryan is mentally not fully not there on Saturday night, thinking more about his desire for revenge against De La Hoya & Hopkins for an imagined slight on their part, Duarte has the kind of power to knock him out or make him quit like in his last fight with Tank.

Kingry must focus on Duarte

“So maybe he has that mentality, ‘I’m going to show you,’ and hopefully he does what he’s supposed to do,” said Mosley. “I think it would be a good idea for them [Golden Boy and Ryan] to talk, but not right now.”

Talking probably won’t help the situation if Ryan has his mind made up that he wants out. If he’s going to hold onto issues without forgiving De La Hoya or Hopkins, trying to talk to him won’t work because he’ll keep dredging up what was said in the past and quietly stew on it.

“I think right now, he has to focus on the fight, and he should focus on the fight and what he’s going to do in the fight,” said Mosley. “Not focus on what Oscar has done to him or what Bernard said because all of that stuff doesn’t matter. If you lose, you’re a step behind again.

“You have to secure the win first, and then after the fight, you guys go to dinner or whatever and talk it out. Yeah, it can be very hard. There was a lot of stuff that went on. It’s a lot to unpack.

“I try to be non-biased because I do like Ryan and his whole family,” said Mosley.

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