Shawn Porter Advises Crawford Not To Allow Spence Any Success

Shawn Porter Advises Crawford Not To Allow Spence Any Success

By Allan Fox: Shawn Porter warns Terence Crawford not to allow Errol Spence Jr any early success because this will increase his confidence and causes problems for him this Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in La Vegas. Porter wants Crawford to break Spence down but not get hit in doing so.  In other words, he wants aging Crawford to do the impossible.

It’s easier said than done for Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) to follow Porter’s advice to avoid allowing Errol (28-0,  22 KOs) to have success because that means the Omaha, Nebraska native would need to run the entire 12 round fight, which is probably what he’s already planning on doing.

The boxing fans at home are paying $84.99 to watch the Spence-Crawford fight on Showtime PPV, and they won’t appreciate it if Crawford is in survival mode all night, following Porter’s instructions not to allow Spence a chance to land his punches. If Crawford runs all night, he’s going to get booed out of the ring.

Crawford can’t allow Spence success

“I think that fight as a fighter and as a person. He had that round where he got shook up. No one knows what the rest of the fight was going to look like,” said Shawn Porter to Premier Boxing Champions about Errol Spence’s last fight against Yordenis Ugas.

“He comes out with his gloves up, and he goes right at Yordenis Ugas and pushes Yordenis Ugas back. It changes the whole dynamic of the fight in one round and continued that with consistency, and he got the job done.

“To me, that told me, ‘Hey, I knew he was special when I got in the ring with him. I knew he was special before I got in the ring with him.’ That right there lets me know exactly who he is.

Porter lost to both guys but took a lot more punishment from Spencee because he chooses to fight him on the inside, which cost him dearly. Not only did Porter lose, but the wear & tear he took from Errol pretty much finished his career.

“He’s not going to quit; he’s not going to stop. He’s going to figure it out. Once he does, ah, oh,” said Porter.

“Whoever is the most consistent in this fight is going to win. I think for Terence, it’s about breaking down Errol and not allowing Errol to feel success. If Errol doesn’t feel success, he’s going to keep forcing it and forcing it, and that’s when something bad can happen to him because he’s forcing it,” said Porter.

Can Crawford break Spence down without getting hit? Porter forgets that Crawford is old and has lost his legs, and even if he could play keep away all night, Spence has an excellent jab and would pick him off while he’s running around.

“If Errol is finding success hitting the body, the shoulders, the arms, whatever it has to be,” said Porter. “Errol just wants to touch you. As long as I can touch you, I know something good is eventually going to happen.

“So I think for Terence, it’s a matter of controlling the range and the distance and not allowing Errol to see success moving forward.

“I’ve had people ask me how Errol gets stronger as the fight goes on. It’s not necessarily that he gets stronger. It’s the momentum that he builds round after round, along with breaking down his opponents.

“It looks like he’s getting stronger, but he’s not. It’s just his momentum is building. This is the first time both of these fighters are having big arrival. The room is full, and everybody is expecting to see them,” said Porter.

Adjustments will be made in rematch

“I know the fight that this brings is bar none. There’s this, and the fight is all that matters to them now,” Porter said. “It’s going to be something special on Saturday night, and I’m looking forward to the rematch because it’s going to mean something. Definitely, if this fight goes the distance

“That’s how I see it,” said Porter about the Spence vs. Crawford fight going the distance and winding up close.

“Both of these fighters are known for making adjustments. Let’s say Errol knocks Terrence out in five rounds. That immediate rematch clause could go the opposite way because both of them have shown they can make adjustments.

“You’re telling me you got a whole camp to get ready, and you’re not going to make an adjustment?

“I got no dog in this hunt, and I’m looking forward to a great future for both of these fighters said Porter.


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