'Two Things You Can't Buy' – Michael Bisping On Why Conor McGregor Will Look 'Great' When He Returns

'Two Things You Can't Buy' – Michael Bisping On Why Conor McGregor Will Look 'Great' When He Returns

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With the news that he is back in the testing pool, the excitement around the return of Conor McGregor can finally start building with a rough date in mind for his comeback.

Needing six-months of negative tests before he can return to the Octagon, fans assume that “The Notorious” will be back in the cage in April which would seem to line up with UFC 300.

In the lead-up to his return, the big talking point will be, what version of McGregor will we see when he does eventually compete against Michael Chandler?

April, 2024 will be nearly three years on from the last time fans saw him in the Octagon when he suffered a devastating injury at the end of the first round of his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Speaking about the news of his return, Michael Bisping pointed out why he has high expectations for Irishman next year.

Michael Bisping Expects To See A Rejuvenated McGregor In 2024

Throughout all the criticisms that are thrown at McGregor, there is always going to be a sense of ‘what if’.

What if he can recapture the form that made him into a global superstar and saw him become the first ever simultaneous two weight world champion in UFC history?

Ahead of his comeback, Bisping believes that the finish line that is being put in front of McGregor will give him the drive and motivation that he needs to come back in top form.

With six months to prepare for what he has called the greatest comeback in sporting history, Bisping has faith that McGregor would be motivated by two goals that all the money in the world can’t buy him.

On the Believe You Me podcast, Bisping said that reputation and success in the cage will propel him back to his peak form.

“I think, and call me crazy, I think he’s going to come back and look great. I think that he’s gonna be motivated. I think now he has six months to really turn it on, I know Dana came out and was asked about it at a press conference recently and said you know, maybe he hasn’t got that same hunger because he’s a very very wealthy man and that’s true. 

That is definitely a point and we see him living his flamboyant lifestyle and rightly so, he’s earned that but you got to remember, a guy that can reach the levels that he did, become a two-weight champion, there’s work ethic there. There’s discipline and there’s insane natural ability and a guy that has that, if you give him six months he can get that back again in my opinion because there’s two things you can’t buy. You can’t buy the UFC lightweight championship of the world and you can’t buy respect as a fighter and that’s something that he holds dear to his heart.”  

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