What Time Is The Katie Taylor Vs Cameron Rematch Tonight?

What Time Is The Katie Taylor Vs Cameron Rematch Tonight?

Get ready for a wild Saturday! Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron are at it again, live on DAZN at 2 pm ET, and this time it’s all about Chantelle’s undisputed crown in the junior welterweight division.

Cameron (18-0, 8 KOs) successfully gave the undisputed Lightweight World Champion, Taylor, the initial setback of her career, affirming her dominance at 140lbs during their memorable encounter at the fully booked 3Arena earlier in May.

While Cameron entered the fight as the defending champion, many viewed her as the less favored against Taylor, especially considering it was Taylor’s debut fight in Ireland throughout her seven-year professional journey. However, defying expectations, the 32-year-old from Britain took everyone by surprise, clinching a majority decision win, leaving the local fans in awe.

Cameron burst onto the scene with a confident roar, “I’m brimming with confidence, you know? Done it all in May, and here I am again. Got a taste of the big time and I’m loving it. I’ve been grinding, doing everything they throw at me. I’m in top form, stronger, fitter, just the best me I can be. Come Saturday, no excuses, I’m top of my game.

“I’ve always had my eye on Katie Taylor, knew she was the perfect opponent for me. Wanted that fight like crazy. Now, the only thing different is she’s itching for payback and I know I can take her down again. Last time wasn’t even me at my best, and still, I came out on top. This time, I’m going in all guns blazing, knowing I’ll seal the deal even more convincingly. I’ll take the same plan but crank it up a notch.

“I’m just too much for Katie. Stubborn as a mule, unstoppable work rate, strong, bigger – I’m in the best shape of my life. If I bring my A-game on Saturday, Katie won’t have a chance. I’ll be on her like white on rice! Last time, I was a bit star-struck by her, but now, I’ve got her number. This time, it’s about defending my titles, carving out my legacy. I’m stepping in there with fire in my eyes, ready to finish what I started.”

‘Il Capo’s’ remarkable victory stands out as one of the finest foreign feats by a British boxer. Nonetheless, she feels the acknowledgment and praise she received post-victory was insufficient, especially after defeating someone who’s often labeled as the best female boxer ever.

November’s rematch has the former Team GB member even more motivated. She alludes to embracing a fiercer strategy in her upcoming fight with the Irish icon.

“I don’t believe the first fight was too close to warrant a rematch,” Cameron remarked. “There were some tight rounds, but I was the clear winner. I’ve emerged victorious once and I’m all set to do it again, assuring everyone that Katie’s performance wasn’t just a fluke. Yet, I wasn’t at my peak either, and that’s what drives me forward.”

Discussing the format, she mentioned, “Jamie and I have always felt three-minute rounds would favor me. It would be quite the spectacle if Katie and I agreed to this in Dublin. If Serrano’s advocating it, why shouldn’t we?”

She added, “I didn’t feel I was adequately recognized post my win over Katie. While this still feels like Katie’s event and her return, it was crucial for me to walk into the ring second. During our first fight, I waited for what felt like an eternity.”

“This upcoming fight promises a fresh experience. While I genuinely respect Katie outside the boxing realm, within those ropes, that respect dwindles to none. I have a certain resentment towards this, and my intent is to go in there and cause disruption. I understand Katie’s fighting style, know she can’t overpower me. I’m more robust, and my intent for this fight is to bring forth heightened aggression.”

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Katie Taylor, Looking to Reclaim the Super-Lightweight World Titles:

“Every bout matters. For a fighter, the upcoming one always feels like the most crucial. This one? It’s definitely a significant one for me. Having this rematch means everything, and not everyone gets a second shot. I’ve tasted defeat before in my amateur days, and I know what it takes to bounce back. My faith strengthens me, and the idea of a turnaround is in my very core. This comeback? It’s got me buzzing, and I’m raring to get back in the ring.

Being labeled an underdog or favorite, it’s all the same to me. My eyes are on the prize, always training with a single focus: victory. No matter the challenges, I’m prepared to dig deep. Our previous fight? Neck and neck. Now, I’m confident that with my best performance, I’ve got this. Chantelle’s a strong opponent, no doubt. But when I’m at my peak, I truly believe I can take on anyone.

Expecting the finest version of Chantelle? Absolutely. And she should expect an even better me. While we had a fierce ten rounds previously, I know we’re both gunning for the win this time around. Sure, I wasn’t at my optimal performance last time, but that’s in the past. Right now, I’m pumped to be training hard and getting another shot, especially in Ireland. It was electrifying before, even if the result wasn’t in my favor. Bringing big fights to Ireland? It cements boxing in our nation’s heart, where it rightfully belongs. This next fight? It’s monumental for me, potentially carving out a legacy as a two-time, two-weight undisputed champ. It doesn’t get bigger than this in my journey so far.”

“Saturday night is my time to shine,” Taylor declared. “Last time, my homecoming didn’t quite hit the mark. Now, it’s a fight I absolutely need to win. This week’s all about business, a stark contrast to our last fight. Stepping into the ring this time? Can’t wait!

After the last fight, nothing else made sense except a rematch. I’m over the moon for this second chance. It’s rare, you know, not everyone gets a redo. I’m just incredibly thankful. Saturday’s my shot to set things right, and I’m all in.

The last fight? Didn’t feel like me. Anyone who saw it could tell I wasn’t at my best. It was a bit of a letdown, honestly. Just one of those off nights.

These past months, I’ve pushed myself to the limit prepping for this rematch. Come Saturday, I’ll be ready for anything. I’m buzzing with excitement. I’m super focused and driven, like never before, for this rematch!

When I’m at my peak, I’m unbeatable. That’s the truth. Every boxer dreams of headlining a big event in their home country. Here I am, doing it again this Saturday. And yes, I’m eyeing that two-weight undisputed champion title.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see how Saturday goes, and then we can chat about what’s next. A trilogy? I’m not ruling it out.”

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Chantelle Cameron, The Undisputed Super-Lightweight World Champ:

“I’m always on my toes, never taking anything for granted. Look, Katie’s no walk in the park. She wants to set the score straight after that loss, and I get it. Watching our old fight, though? Man, I cringe at some bits. I know I can do better. That last Dublin night was wild, but now I’ve got to top that.

Beating Katie? It felt unreal. I always thought that if you can beat Katie Taylor, you’ve pretty much nailed boxing. But that’s done. Round two’s coming up, and I’m here to up my game.

Katie’s coming back stronger; I can feel it. So, I’m revving up my engine, getting a bit fiercer, a tad more ruthless. Last time was huge, but now it’s about getting in the zone and just focusing on the fight.

Not one to hunt for a knockout, but I’m looking to be bolder. I played it too safe last time, but now? Gloves are off. The stakes are high, and I’m coming in all guns blazing.”

Jamie Moore, The Man Behind Chantelle Cameron’s Success:

“That last Dublin night? Pure magic. But some of those scorecards? Too close for my liking. Yet, here we are, gearing up for another round.

Fighting Katie in her backyard? It was all sorts of unpredictable. But this time? We’ve got the blueprint. We’ve rewatched, reanalyzed, and man, Chantelle’s got more to bring to the table. Katie’s probably seeing this as her redemption arc, pushing her to go all out. Means we’ve got to push harder.

Chantelle’s grown since that fight, and I’m betting on an even sharper performance. Yeah, a home game or neutral ground would’ve been nice, but coming back to Dublin? It’s only lit a bigger fire in Chantelle. She’s ready, and so are we.”

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Cameron vs. Taylor 2: What You Need to Know

When’s the Cameron vs. Taylor 2 fight?

  • It’s set for Saturday, November 25. Starts at 7 p.m. UK time, or 2 p.m. if you’re in the ET zone.

What about the main event’s timing?

  • Cameron and Taylor are expected to make their ringwalks around 10 p.m. UK time, which is 5 p.m. ET. Just keep in mind, these times might shift a bit depending on the earlier fights.

Can I catch this fight on DAZN?

  • Absolutely! It’s streaming live on DAZN in over 200 countries. But, if you’re in Argentina, Chile, or Colombia, remember to grab the DAZN app from your app store and sign up there instead of using a web browser.

What devices can I use to stream DAZN?

  • DAZN’s pretty versatile. You can watch it on web browsers at DAZN.com (except in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia). They’ve also got apps for a bunch of devices:
    • Mobile: iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Amazon Fire tablets.
    • TV & Streaming Devices: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and smart TVs from Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and more. Plus, there’s Roku, Vestel, and Vizio.
    • Game Consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.

Where’s the fight happening?

  • They’re throwing down at the 3Arena in Dublin.

What are the odds for this fight?

  • As of November 20, 2023, DraftKings has Chantelle Cameron at -185 and Katie Taylor at +145.

What’s the lowdown on Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor?

  • Chantelle Cameron: She’s British, born on May 14, 1991, stands at 5′ 6″, and has a record of 18-0 (8 KOs).
  • Katie Taylor: Hailing from Ireland, born on July 2, 1986, 5′ 5″ tall, with a reach of 66″, and a record of 22-1-0 (6 KOs).

What’s the full lineup for the fight card?

Event Schedule (All Times Local)

Doors Open at 16:00

  • 16:15 – Live on Before the Bell
    • Super-Featherweight International Contest (4 rounds): Giorgio Visioli (134.9 lbs) vs. Lee Anthony Sibley (133.5 lbs) – Guildford, England vs. La Oliva, Spain.
  • Following:
    • Celtic Super-Featherweight Title (10 rounds): John Cooney (129.6 lbs) vs. Liam Gaynor (128.8 lbs) – Belfast, Northern Ireland vs. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Then:
    • Celtic Light-Heavyweight Title (8 rounds): Emmet Brennan (170.3 lbs) vs. Jamie Morrisey (169.7 lbs) – Dublin, Ireland vs. Limerick, Ireland.
  • After That:
    • Super-Featherweight International Contest (8 rounds): Zelfa Barrett (132.3 lbs) vs. Costin Ion (132.3 lbs) – Manchester, England vs. Marbella, Spain.

19:00 – Live on DAZN

  • First Up:
    • Interim WBC Featherweight World Title (10 rounds, 2 mins each): Skye Nicolson (125.2 lbs) vs. Lucy Wildheart (125.4 lbs) – Queensland, Australia vs. Lessebo, Sweden.
  • Next:
    • Heavyweight International Contest (8 rounds): Thomas Carty (254.3 lbs) vs. Dan Garber (220.5 lbs) – Dublin, Ireland vs. Bradford, England.
  • Following:
    • WBA Continental Welterweight Title (10 rounds): Paddy Donovan (146.6 lbs) vs. Danny Ball (146.7 lbs) – Limerick, England vs. Kingswinford, England.
  • Then:
    • WBA Continental Europe Lightweight Title (10 rounds): Gary Cully (134.5 lbs) vs. Reece Mould (134.10 lbs) – Naas, Ireland vs. Doncaster, England.
  • And Finally:
    • Undisputed Super-Lightweight World Titles (10 rounds, 2 mins each): Chantelle Cameron (139.5 lbs) vs. Katie Taylor (139.6 lbs) – Northampton, England vs. Bray, Ireland.

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