Wild World of Fighting: A Commentator's Worst Nightmare, Samurai Jiu-Jitsu, & More

Wild World of Fighting: A Commentator's Worst Nightmare, Samurai Jiu-Jitsu, & More

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  • octobre 28, 2023
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That is not the sound of trick or treaters at your door, but instead it’s the Wild World of Fighting, the only series that always dresses up for Halloween.

Just A Little Horny

UFC 294 was a bizarre event for a litany of reasons. Between doctors convincing fighters they were not hit below the belt, miscommunications leading to a no contest, and more, the promotion’s return to Abu Dhabi will go down as a weird event.

However, one of the funniest occurrences from UFC 294 happened to be the horn used to signal the end of rounds. There were multiple instances of this horn malfunctioning throughout the night, leading to hilarious results.

The horn malfunctioned so badly that one fighter even got confused, thinking that Squidward was performing a clarinet solo. Just like the story of the Nogueira brothers confusing a bus for a horse, that really happened.

Doing Some Hasbull-shittin’

Love him or hate him, living meme and internet sensation, Hasbulla has found himself intertwined with the Wild World of Fighting. Between his partnerships with the UFC and collaborations with fighters, he has now joined the roster of MMA lore.

With that in mind, it comes as little surprise that Hasbulla also found himself as an entry in the recently released EA UFC 5 video game, outside of the mask and gear found in the previous game entry. This time around, he can be seen during certain walkout scenes, trotting to the cage alongside the fighter preparing to compete.

This is a subtle and fun way to include Hasbulla in the game, without going so far off the reservation as to make him a realistic playable character. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily do much to resolve the larger issues plaguing the new EA UFC game.

Battle of the Loughrans

Being a commentator is a tough gig sometimes, especially when it comes to keeping track of the various fighters competing. With over 600 fighters on the UFC roster, one can only imagine the amount of notes that someone like Jon Anik must have, to keep everyone straight on Fight Night.

Now, imagine a situation that makes this job even more difficult. That will likely be the case for the commentators at a recent Cage Conflict event, when they had to keep track of a fight between Darragh Loughran and *wait for it* a different Darragh Loughran.

This is the kind of situation you run into while playing EA UFC, where you roll your eyes at the silly nature of fighting against yourself, except this is actually happening. The only thing that would make this situation worse, would be if it were broadcast over the radio like boxing fights from the 1920’s.

Smack That All On The Floor

The Wild World of Fighting will forever have a home for keen moments of humbling between two disagreeing adults. Even when there is no context about the argument at hand, it is hard to not be satisfied by seeing someone eat a slice of humble pie. 

The latest example of this comes between two gentlemen in some sort of dressing room altercation. Others may have more context on what is happening here, but the following clip shows a classic example of the bait and switch, which is all the context we need.

That is the kind of slap that would make the Diaz brothers proud. Honestly, the person on the receiving end of that palm strike had no choice but to walk away after coming face to face with that level of embarrassment.

Regular Business Affairs

In 2023, the modern world of combat sports comes in tons of different formats. We have seen it all, from Dana White’s Power Slap to Car Jitsu, with no shortage of creativity from promoters.

That said, there is no level of gritty Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that compares to the level of intensity found when the competitors don samurai suits and add spears to the mix. Apparently, that was just how business disputes were settled in the old days.

Hardcore MMA fans are familiar with the story that Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta had a clause in their ownership deal of the UFC, that they would settle any disagreements of the business through a BJJ match. Perhaps that mindset was taken from these people, who clearly wanted to make grappling more challenging.

This brings us to the end of this week’s Wild World of Fighting. It has been fun serving you the weekly madness, which will certainly never end.

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